Staffing Splits allows staffing agencies to work together on "splits" to fill job orders. Many agencies know the value of working "splits" when one agency has the job opening and another has the candidate. Working together allows for quicker more efficient job placements and improved bottom line to all concerned. Staffing Splits takes "splits" to the next level and allows for more efficient candidate placement and happier clients.

A new approach to doing business
Staffing Split allows staffing agencies, executive search firms and recruiters to share Jobs, Candidates, and Resources. Staffing Split increases
your pool of applicants and job openings and can provide great candidates that you may not have seen without the Staffing Splits resource.

There are hundreds of staffing agencies in every city working to fill job orders. Many recruiters have
applicants that don't match their opening but may be just the right candidate for another recruiter.

Additionally, candidates who typically work with a limited number of recruiters get better exposure. Staffing Split offers a central on-line resource so more candidates are matched to more jobs. Everybody wins when more candidates are presented to more job opportunities.
Why Work With Your Competitors
Staffing Split Can Provide

Reduction of overhead sales cost 
Improved candidate matching to job orders
Placing active candidates quickly instead of marketing them
Central job postings save time and resources
See on-going employment/hiring trends
Orders filled more quickly