Patents For Less

Somewhere between your conception of a new idea and the licensing and/or marketing of your idea, you will consider protecting your idea with a Patent. A Patent, also know as Intellectual Property, Intangible Property, Proprietary Assets, Industrial Property or Proprietary Rights can be an important tool for gaining success in making a profit from your creative ideas and hard work.
Many inventors believe that you have to use an attorney to gain a patent. But, the U.S. Patent Office allows for applicants to file and prosecute their own Patents, allowing you to save thousands of dollars. A Patent Consultant allows you to take advantage of that opportunity, while still being guided by an expert who can write the application, provide the drawings and walk you thru the entire process for Utility, Process and Design Patents, or Provisional Patent Applications.   

Many Inventors and Entrepreneur find it difficult to pay thousands of dollars for a Patent.

As an Inventors who has licensed and marketed his own inventions and as an entrepreneur that
wants to help other creative individuals succeed, I offer inventors Patent Consultation Services.
I have assisting hundreds of inventors in gaining patents without an attorney over the last 25 years offering the same results for a fraction of the cost.

A typical patent application written by a Patent Attorney will cost $5000. My cost for a typical Patent Application is $500, allowing you more money to develop your product and giving you a much better chance for success.

Patents for Less was created because I understand the difficulties in taking a new idea to market.
I have spent much of my career helping inventors and entrepreneurs succeed. Success is difficult enough without have to pay thousand of dollars just to get into the game.  I offer you an alternative to the patent attorney.
Saving inventors and entrenpreneurs thousands of dollars for over 25 years