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Stem cells have the ability to develop into different types of cells to match different organs. A stem cell's most notable characteristic is its ability to reproduce a completely new cell. This permits treatment of a wide range of diseases and injuries.

Many times traditional medical methods in the western countries can not treat your medical condition or are not allowed to treat your condition due to political and religious reasons. Sometimes, to be treated for your condition you have to go to another country.

When you have to go to another country for treatment, you will need a guide. A professional medical agent will be that guide and they will arrange your hospital admission, travel, transport and your travel Visa, plus all the other foreign requirements necessary to receive treatment.

A professional medical agentís role is to help you by speaking to doctors and arranging everything related to your treatment so that your treatment is stress free and productive.

The best agents come from the country of China, and they understand the culture. Many agents have years of strong medical background and know how to work with all the doctors.

Agents arrange for the most highly skilled, personalized and the most cost effective care in China, because China is 20 years ahead of other countries in stem cell treatment and it is delivered with the maximum regard for your safety.

Many hospitals in are able to give you a better price than other countries because they culture the cells in their own lab. Hospitals in China provide cost-effective treatment of advanced bio-technology.

Prices will vary according to your disorder, but your agent will assist you in gaining the most cost effective treatment. Your stay in China at the a hospital will generally be about three weeks. Stem Cell therapy is not painful and most hospital staff and doctors speak English.

About the treatment

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells/Placenta Stem Cells (Mesenchymal stem cell) are taken from a newly born child. This is a proven safe treatment and a very potent form of therapy for most diseases. You can expect to see a Medical practitioners, who are guided by strict protocols, ensuring an optimal and unparalleled outcome, deliver treatment.

Many Hospitals in China are recognized around the world as the most favourable Medical Hospital situated in the most popular Tourism city of China. Professional Care and Personalised services are designed specifically to suit each individualís medical condition.

Stem cell research and treatment is advanced in the People's Republic of China. The Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China has permitted the use of stem cell therapy for conditions beyond those approved of in Western countries.

Where are Stem cells found?

Adult stem cells are found in the Bone Marrow. The bone marrow is rich in stem cells and is released into the blood stream where they find and seek injuries, cancer and disease. Our Umbilical Stem cells are much stronger than adult Stem Cells as they are brand new from the Umbilical Cord of a newborn baby.

Our Umbilical cord blood stem cells and Umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells are most dynamic and without rejection from the bodyís immune system. 

Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells (UCBSC) and Umbilical Cord Messenchymal Stem Cells (UCMSC) are most effective and are a safe Stem Cell treatment. We use UCBSC and UCMSC to treat a wide variety of illnesses.

It has been proven time and time again that adult stem cells and Umbilical cord Stem Cells, not Embryonic stem cells are safe and have remarkable results.

History of Stem Cell research

Hope Hospital China admits many patients per month with many various diseases.
We pride ourselves with this high admissions rate as we have a multi-million laboratory inside our multi- level hospital.

This is so important as many Stem Cells delivered to other hospitals die during transport.
We guarantee our 600 million Stem Cells are all alive when you receive them.

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Treat Most Diseases

Stem Cell therapy is safe and will not be rejected by your own immune system. Stem Cell therapies have a high success rate to improve the quality of many lives.

For example - Neurological disorders including Autism, Parkinson's, Epilepsy, Palsy, Dementia, Huntingtonís disease, Alzheimer, Stroke and Lung Cancer, Liver Cancer, Tumors, Sleep Apnea, MS, MD, Hearing loss, Erectile dysfunction, Lupus and many more Medical conditions.

Many patients see improvements after the first injection. Parkinson patients can lift their feet when walking instead of shuffling and their hands become useful. Their facial muscles start working and they can feel the strength come back in their bodies.

Epilepsy patients show considerable improvements. Patients with diabetes see reversal of effects and muscular dystrophy patients are able to move their arms and legs

Stem cells continue to repair a patientís body for approx 12 months after patients leave the Hospital so you can expect many more improvements when you return home. Stem Cells can be useful for many diseases and each person will show different results.

Stem Cells are stored in our Bone Marrow, however when we become ill and older they become weak and are unable to fully repair damaged tissue, muscle, brain cells and nerves etc. Results are noticeable after treatment. It is an incredible experience.

Please email me < to set up a free consultation and to ask any further questions you might have about treatment, price and travel.