Many people have mentioned that I'm an interesting guy. Mostly because I have lots of varied interest and enjoy learning. The desire to learn allows us to explore new opportunities. I like to solve problems and to do that you need to be educated in many different disciplines. We should always be seeking new adventures and challenges.

As an example, I received a call one day from an official at the Department of Energy informing me that I had made history. He explained that my grant proposal impressed them so much that they went to congress to gain additional funding, and as such, it took an "Act of Congress". They told me that I was the first person to receive this treatment and as such had made history. This all started with a two-page grant application and an idea.

In my time so far, I've invented new products, written and received Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights. I've written ten books so far and have received Grants from the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense. I did it all with little or no help. All it took was the will to learn and an idea that improved how things were done.

I strive to be successful so I can help others. I've been to Rome, London, Paris, Belfast and many other locations. I've been from coast to coast in the United States and I've flown planes, raced cars, and been in a movie, and on television and the radio many times over. This allows me a better perspective so I can be a better teacher.

I believe that your attitude is important in any challenge and you also have to have a since of humor and be able to laugh at yourself, because making mistakes is a big part of learning and we typically learn from our mistakes.

Some of my Intellectual experiences include:

Patented and Internationally Licensed the Fire Guardian, Created a business as a Intellectual Property Consultant, Published 10 books, Responsible for hundreds of patents issued to my many clients and myself, I produced seminars on product development, Designed fire protection products for the Department of Defense. Created educational material for the Department of Energy. Designed and hosted dozens of websites, and I'm a successful entrepreneur. I also work in the staffing industry where I have placed thousands of people in jobs.

Some of my Artistic experiences include:

Sculpture, Art, Graphic Art, Photography, Video Production, 3-D Modeling, Website Designer, Writer.

Some of my Business experiences include:

Started Quest International, Inc. to assist creative entrepreneurs, Technical and creative writing, Staffing and management experience, Engineering and industrial design. Developed a Design Efficiency Program that was published by the National Technical Information Services, and numerous businesses.
Last update 2-5-2015